Talking to Teens about Alcohol


Have you talked to your teen lately?

Health Alliance on Alcohol have compiled various booklets making it easier for families to talk to teenagers about alcohol use and abuse.

As young people enter adolescence and begin to experiment with risk-taking behaviors, alcohol use is often one “right of passage” in which many teens participate. It is crucial for parents and other significant adults to have conversations with adolescents about identity issues, self-esteem and smart decision-making. Prior to any conversation, it is necessary for parents to have the facts, as teens can be critical and challenging. Adults who can offer real fact-based information can help teenagers make more informed and ideally safe decisions.

Sections include;

Talking to Teens: Underage Drinking

Talking to Teens: Peer Pressure

Talking to Teens: Prom, Graduation, & Alcohol

College & Alcohol

Teen Driving & Alcohol

More at; Health Alliance on Alcohol


4 thoughts on “Talking to Teens about Alcohol

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