How to Live Longer

Person walking dog in the park uid 1185218People in recovery may need to review their lifestyles to assist good recovery.

Many come into recovery in their middle age. And we know that death in old age is inevitable, but death in middle age is not. Many deaths in middle age are preventable.

If we choose to live well, then we can have remarkable reductions in the risk of developing many types of diseases.

The 5 Longevity “Virtues”

There are 5 basic types of good behaviour;

  • regular exercise,
  • not smoking,
  • alcohol consumption within guidelines (including abstinence when needed,
  • maintaining a normal body wieght, and
  • eating a predominantly plant-based diet.

Thus, if one practices 4 or 5 of those “virtues,” compared with men who practice none,

  • the reduction in the risk for cardiovascular disease is around 67%;
  • the reduction in the incidence of diabetes is 73%;
  • the reduction in developing cancer is 20%-25%;
  • remarkably, the reduction in dementia is 65%; and
  • the reduction in all-cause mortality is 32%.

Most of the reduction in cancer risk is related to smoking, and frankly the other forms of behavior did not affect the development of cancer very much.



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