Trudging the Recovery Blogs

6 thoughts on “Trudging the Recovery Blogs

  1. Hi all- i’ve just extended my recruitment period by a month (until 31st March) to gather more data for my alcohol research. Thanks to all those who have already taken part- it really is important to be learning about the partner experiences. Thanks also for the positive feedback I’ve received about this research- that’s keeping me going! If you haven’t completed my quick and anonymous questionnaire, please go to for more info or to take part. I can send anyone a summary report of the findings in the summer if you’re interested (just email me at I’m looking for any adults who have been with their partner for over 6 months and who consider their partner to be currently alcohol-dependent. Best wishes and thank you. Amy

  2. Hello people- i’m still doing my alcohol research and would REALLY appreciate your participation if you are a partner of an alcohol-dependent adult. It’s quick, easy and anonymous and if you want, you can send me your contact details to get a summary of the report in the summer. Thanks to all those who’ve already taken part and sent me such lovely feedback. Good luck to you all- I wish you the best. Thanks, Amy. ( . To do the questionnaire:

  3. ACA Blog
    Welcome fellow Adult Children of Alcoholics and/or those who grew up in dysfunctional, abusive and addictive families. Please feel free to post your comments.

  4. Hey! I appreciate the links. Missed your posts for a while…hope you’re ready to get back with it!


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