Twelve Step Development

The famed 12 Steps were developed by 100 recovering alcoholics in the 1930’s. They looked back on what they had done and what they were doing to stay sober and formulated the 12-Step Anonymous movement. The original 12-Step fellowship was Alcoholics Anonymous. 

Since then the 12-Steps have been adapted, with permission, to suit over 400 diseases or maladies. Usually only a few words are changed to focus on a particular disease. For example only the word gambling has been inserted for Gamblers Anonymous. 

Currently there are approximately 12 million people attending various forms of 12-Step fellowships world wide. Since its inception it has been estimated that over 100 million people have gained freedom from disease by utilising the 12-Steps. 

You can find a 12-Step fellowship in almost every village, town or city. Try the phone book or a local mainstream church.

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