New Alcohol Health Alliance UK


The Alcohol Health Alliance UK brings together medical bodies, patient representatives and alcohol health campaigners. Working together, Alliance members will:

  • Highlight the rising levels of alcohol health harm
  • Propose evidence-based solutions to reduce this harm
  • Influence decision makers to take positive action to address the damage caused by alcohol misuse.

Our mission is to reduce the damage to health caused by alcohol misuse. Further information about the Alliance can be found in our leaflet:

The Alliance was launched on 13 November in conjunction with the publication of a BBC survey on health services in the UK. Ian Gilmore, President of the RCP, is chairman of the Alliance.

Members of the Alliance include:

  • Academy of Medical Royal Colleges
  • Action on Addiction
  • Alcohol and Health Research Trust
  • Alcohol Concern
  • British Association for the Study of the Liver
  • British Liver Trust
  • British Society of Gastroenterology
  • College of Emergency Medicine
  • Faculty of Occupational Medicine
  • Faculty of Public Health
  • Institute of Alcohol Studies
  • Medical Council on Alcohol
  • National Addiction Centre
  • Royal College of General Practitioners
  • Royal College of Nursing
  • Royal College of Physicians Edinburgh
  • Royal College of Physicians London
  • Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons, Glasgow
  • Royal College of Psychiatrists
  • Royal College of Surgeons London
  • Scottish Intercollegiate Group on Alcohol 

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2 thoughts on “New Alcohol Health Alliance UK

  1. Good on you Dan. Just keep coming back to any sort of treatment / therapy.
    An alcoholics greatest asset is tenacity.
    After all the drinking continued in spite of the inner pain and outer problems caused by alcohol.
    I have seen it many times when a person just continues to try to get well – suddenly the penny drops and they see the reality.

  2. Hello, as someone who has struggled with a drink problem for years, i feel that we need some face to face meeting groups here in the uk that are not 12 step based. Ok there are a few “Smart Recovery” groups in Scotland but i’m based in London. I have had some success using online alternatives to a/a 12 steps but i feel it would help if i had some kind of support in real life.

    From my experience of trying to stay sober i have found that most treatment centres here in the uk promote the 12 step way and nothing else.After doing a lot of research on the net i have found that 12 step treatment has a very poor success rate(less than 5%, if that.

    I just hope we can get some kind of alternative group support here in the uk. I have lost a lot of friends who have died prematurely through drink or have committed suicide because they just could not get the a/a 12 step thing.

    all the best Dan


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