Relapse to drinking

Grapes and Wine may lead to alcoholism The Disease of Alcoholism

There are, and have been, many theories about alcoholism. The most prevailing theory, and now most commonly accepted, is called the Disease Model.

Its basic tenets are that alcoholism is a disease with recognizable symptoms, causes, and methods of treatment. In addition, there are several stages of the disease which are often described as early, middle, late, treatment and relapse.

While it is not essential to fully define these stages, it is useful to understand them in terms of how the disease presents itself.

This series of articles describes the signs and symptoms of each stage as well as exploring treatment options.

  1. Early or Adaptive Stage
  2. Middle Stage
  3. Late Stage
  4. Treating Alcoholism
  5. Relapse to drinking

5 – Relapse

An important and frustrating facet of treating alcoholism is relapse or a return to drinking and is common. An alcoholic often relapses due to a variety of factors including:

  • inadequate treatment or follow-up,
  • cravings for alcohol that are difficult to control,
  • failure by the alcoholic to follow treatment instructions,
  • failure to change lifestyle,
  • use of other mood altering drugs, and
  • other untreated mental or physical illnesses.

Relapses are not always a return to constant drinking and may only be a one time occurrence. However, relapses must be dealt with and seen as a sign to the alcoholic that there are areas of his or her treatment and recovery that need work. Relapse prevention is an area in the treatment field that is receiving increased attention and research. A basic part of any effective treatment program will include relapse prevention activities.

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  1. Early or Adaptive Stage of Alcoholism
  2. Middle Stage of Alcoholism
  3. Late Stage
  4. Treating Alcoholism
  5. Relapse to drinking

11 thoughts on “Relapse to drinking

  1. If alcohol is such a bad disease why is it, that we have still being promoting this product so high on our media and when you go to functions our own ministers of the country can be seen partaking and consuming a great deal.

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