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Orthorexia: Good Diets Gone Bad

Her parents are health food nuts, says the 32-year-old North Carolina woman, who asks that her name not be used. “I can’t remember a time when they weren’t. It just got worse over the years … much worse since they retired.”

When she was a child, her parents first phased sugar from the family’s diet. “Then they progressed into herbal remedies and supplements … major pill popping … then a vegan diet,” she tells WebMD. “They tried every extreme trend that came along in the ’80s.”

Growing up, she says, “I can remember always being hungry because there was no fat in the house. … My middle sister ended up with anorexia. Another sister goes to Overeater’s Anonymous.”

When she read an article in Cosmopolitan magazine– about an addictive  disorder called orthorexia — her parents’ pattern became crystal-clear. It was healthy eating gone out of control.

Full story at Web MD

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