More Women in England Dying from Alcohol


Alcohol-related deaths among women in England have nearly doubled in the past 15 years as drinking rates also have risen, according to a new government report.

Reuters reported Oct. 22 that the report, Health Profile of England 2007, found that the U.K. had one of the lowest female alcohol death rates in Europe during the 1970s, but now about 14 of 100,000 women ages 35-54 die from alcohol-related problems.

“Whilst the EU-15 average has been falling, premature death rates from chronic liver disease and cirrhosis in females in England has risen persistently,” said the report.

“To make a difference and turn the tide of rising health harm, particularly in women, we are going to need to see some action on price, promotions, availability and advertising,” said Ian Gilmore, president of the Royal College of Physicians. “Alcohol is our favorite drug. It is around 24 hours a day and we need to examine the regulatory framework around it if we are to make any real impact.”


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