Teach Your Kids About Alcohol

Your life: your choice!: an educational resource for teaching young teens about alcohol

A self-help website that contains information, activities, and quizzes for 13-14 year olds on the use, misuse, and abuse of alcohol.

Excellent, professional, highly interactive and fun e-Learning type website.


The goal of this site is to improve the quality and breadth of alcohol abuse prevention education in Canadian schools. More specifically, it contains educational resource materials for 13-14 year olds that support the acquisition of information and the development of skills and attitudes on the use, misuse and abuse of alcohol. The site contains sections for students, teachers and parents, as well as an Information Resource Centre and a Gallery.


The student section contains interactive web activities such as a quiz, ideas for class projects that may or may not involve the use of the web and other activities that will help students learn about alcohol.

The teacher section describes key learning outcomes, ways to use the web and classroom activities appropriately and contains alternate paper-based strategies when technical challenges or student learning styles or needs limit use of the site’s student section.


Parents are welcome to visit the student or teacher sections or to find materials specific to their needs in the parent section.


The Gallery is a place where teachers can post examples of students’ class projects. It is also a place where teachers, students and parents can share ideas about how they have used the site.


The Information Resource Centre contains “library” materials that support the student, teacher and parent sections.

More at; Your life: your choice!



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