Psychology of Children with Alcoholic Fathers

Psychopathology of Children with Alcohol Dependent Fathers.

SUMMARY; Objective: In this study, we aimed to research cognitive, behavioural and psychopathological differences between children of fathers with alcohol dependency (ACOA’s) and children of fathers without alcohol dependency (non-ACOA’s).

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Al-Anon on YouTube


Al-anon video Al-Anon Speaks for Itself Part 1

A wife, father, husband, and daughter describe what it is like to love someone who has a drinking problem.

The wife says, “I didn’t live in reality at all. I covered up and made believe.”

The father says, “When the police came and told me the charges against my son, it was unbelievable. To see my son taken away in handcuffs was the most difficult day of my life.”

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