10 Signs of Bad Relationships

Adult couple arguing and walking uid 1453647 Many people have experienced or practiced abuse in alcoholic or addictive relationships. You may be an alcoholic, addict, codependent or child of a bad relationship (ACOA).

In recovery these behaviors need to be addressed in the program in confidence with a sponsor or counselor.

This list is not complete, but it may help you begin to find understanding and ways out of the quagmire of pain.

1.  Isolates you from friends and family

2.  Is verbally abusive

3.  Blames others for his problems

4.  Alcohol and drug use

5.  Does things to instill fear

6.  Punishes you for spending time away from him

7.  Expects you to wait on him like a servant

8.  Is extremely jealous of all aspects of your life

9.  Controls you through his emotions

10.  They get physical

Abuse may be generated by any amount of factors not the least of which is altering thought processes by alcohol, drugs or relationship dynamics.

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Alcohol Collateral damage

Adult couple arguing on street Al-anon in Israel

Studies have found that when actively drinking, an alcoholic affects at least four people around him or her.

According to members of Alanon (a 12-step support group for relatives and friends of alcoholics), spouses and children of alcoholics often suffer from depression, mood swings, anger, guilt, and resentment of their situation and a feeling of isolation.

Ariel S., a long-time member of Alanon, said, “My husband was addicted to alcohol and I was addicted to him.” She said that after she went to her first Alanon meeting, she learned what is called the “3 Cs.”

  • I didn’t cause alcoholism,
  • I can’t control it and
  • I can’t cure it,'” she said.

Learning that alcoholism was a disease helped her understand her husband’s situation, relieved her guilt and helped her improve her life.

“Only people who have lived with alcoholism understand how terrible and hopeless you feel,” she said. “But going to meetings gave me a new sense of hope.”

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Awareness, Acceptance, Action

Roberts Coogee beach Awareness, Acceptance, Action

Dear God,

Slow me down when all I do is try to fix and control things and people.

Help me to first accept situations, as they are when I become aware of them.

    • Slow me down in your stillness.
    • Mark my awareness with unselfishness,
    • my acceptance with humility, and
    • my actions with usefulness to me and others.

You are reading from the book: The 12 Step Prayer Book Volume 2 by Bill P. and Lisa D.

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