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Oklahoma Ousts Alcoholic Energy Drinks

Oklahoma — "the OK State" — has placed a moratorium on deliveries of alcoholic energy drink Four Loko and others like it, the Oklahoman reported Nov. 5.

The state’s Alcoholic Beverage Laws Enforcement Commission (ABLE) banned the delivery of the drinks into the state as of Dec. 3 — until their health risks can be studied by a scientific panel appointed by the commission. Four Loko has been dubbed “blackout in a can” by college students.

"Package stores can sell it, and consumers, 21 and over, can consume Four Loko after Dec. 3, but there just won’t be any new product allowed into the state. Once it’s gone, it’s gone,” said John Masich, ABLE’s general counsel.

Masich said that he was not aware of another occasion when the state had blocked a product in a similar fashion. 

However, Oklahoma is not alone. Earlier in the week, the Liquor Control Commission in Michigan banned alcoholic energy drinks, just days after Pennsylvania regulators asked beer distributors to voluntarily pull the products from their shelves. New York officials are also reportedly contemplating asking the state legislature for the authority to ban the drinks.

For more background and an overview of the groundswell of opposition to alcoholic energy drinks, check out: "Momentum Builds Against Alcohol Energy Drinks."

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