New Alcohol Guidelines Welcomed

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Nurses welcome new alcohol guidelines

The British Royal College of Nursing today (17th December 2009) welcomed the launch of new guidance for parents, children and young people on alcohol consumption, published by the Chief Medical Officer.

Dr Peter Carter, Chief Executive & General Secretary of the RCN, said:

“Both in A&E departments and in classrooms nurses see the devastating effects alcohol is having on young people everyday – it is damaging not just their health but also their education, development and general wellbeing. It is vital that adults and children understand the serious short and long-term harm that alcohol can cause.

“We welcome the news that the Government is publishing guidance for parents and children on alcohol. However, we are calling on all political parties to repair the nation’s turbulent relationship with alcohol. We need stronger regulation of the labelling, sale and advertising of alcoholic drinks as well as widespread education campaigns. We simply cannot continue down a road where more and more children are being rushed to A&E as a result of binge drinking, and increasing numbers of people in their twenties are dying as a result of alcohol related illnesses.”




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