Alcohol & Addiction News

7 Ways to Give An Apology & 4 Ways to Accept One

  • Apologizing is hard, but so is accepting an apology gracefully.

Substance Abuse, Schizophrenia And Risk Of Violence

  • A new study demonstrates that there is an association between schizophrenia and violence, but shows that this association is greatly increased by drug and alcohol abuse. Importantly, the study also finds that the risk of violence from patients with psychoses who also have substance use disorder is no greater than those who have a substance use disorder but who do not have a psychotic illness.

Russia’s president calls time on vodka "disaster"

  • Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on Wednesday called time on the country’s vodka tipplers, saying alcoholism had become a "national disaster." Medvedev said measures aimed at reducing binge drinking had not reduced alcoholism in Russia, where downing vast amounts of vodka at one sitting is an integral part of national culture.

Charity warns over child drinkers

  • Fewer children are drinking but those who do are downing more than every before, the charity Alcohol Concern warns.

1m Scots drinking at danger levels More than a million Scots are…

  • More than a million Scots are drinking alcohol at hazardous or harmful levels, a report has revealed.

Help an Alcoholic 3

  • Don’t nag, criticize, preach, or complain
  • Many say that nagging, begging, confiscating liquor, and sorrowfully reminding the person of the night before are to little or no avail.
  • One alcoholic attests, "The more I was urged to cut back or quit, the more I denied I had a problem. My advice is, ’Don’t push.’

Excessive Drinking Can Damage Brain Regions Used For Processing Facial Emotions

  • Heavy, constant drinking damages the brain in many different ways, including difficulties in perception of emotional expressions. Brain-imaging findings show that abstinent alcoholics have decreased activation in the amygdala and hippocampus regions of the brain when viewing faces with emotional expressions. Misreading facial cues can escalate conflict and difficulties, impaired social interaction and continued drinking.

Not all addicts incapacitated

  • In fact the greatest number of addicts in our society are "functional" addicts. They can regulate when they ingest their drugs of choice, which enables them …

Don Shenker: We need action to shield children from alcohol

  • Last month’s statistics from the NHS revealed the true extent of children’s drinking in England and a worrying pattern which has emerged over recent years. (The Yorkshire Post)

Scottish Rehab Treating Child Alcoholics as Young as 9 Years Old

  • Counsellor Francesca Martin, who works with children and families hit by long-term alcoholism, said a lot of kids have self-esteem issues and use drinking as …

Prescription "Sharing" Among Teens Widespread, Dangerous

  • A new study shows that one in five U.S. adolescents "lends" or "borrows" diverse prescriptions, with consequences that are sometimes dangerous or even deadly.

Effective Weed Control: A guide for people trying to cut down or stop using cannabis

  • This self-help guide is for people who are having problems with their cannabis use and want to do something about it [Turning Point, Australia]

Police get tough on ‘all you can drink’ promotions

  • Bars and clubs which offer ”all you can drink” promotions have been told they could face losing their licences by Devon and Cornwall police. (The Telegraph)
A Place Called Self: Women, Sobriety and Radical Transformation by Stephanie Brown
Gifts of Sobriety: When the Promises of Recovery Come True by Barbara S. Cole


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