Doctors call for alcohol ads to be banned

Close up of doctor s face uid 1173435 British Medical Association conference urges a minimum unit price for all drinks to curb alcohol-related illnesses

Figures show a sharp rise in young people being admitted to hospital for drink-related illness.

Doctors called today for a complete ban on alcohol advertising, and a minimum unit price to combat the soaring cost of drink-related illnesses.

The resolution at the British Medical Association’s annual conference will add to political pressure on the government to take more effective action to reduce rates of chronic alcoholism and teenage binge-drinking.

Earlier this year. the chief medical officer, Sir Liam Donaldson, urged the government to adopt a minimum price of 50p for each unit of alcohol. Flinching from the prospect of raising the price of an average six pack of lager to £6, the prime minister, Gordon Brown, said he did not want "the responsible, sensible majority of moderate drinkers to have to pay more or suffer as a result of the excesses of a minority".

Full story at the Guardian

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