AA Works for Steven Adler

Steve Adler Back from the brink and ready to rock

After a two-decade battle with addiction, Guns and Roses member Adler has managed to put together six months of clean time, he told The Daily Times this week — and that makes the past six months a rebirth of sorts.

"Making it one day is a long time, and I’ve made it, like, six months," he said, voice filled with jubilation and the enthusiasm of newfound sobriety. "The last time I did anything goofy like that was on the show ("Sober House," a VH-1 reality show spin-off of "Celebrity Rehab," both of which featured Adler), when I got arrested (last summer). I’ve been so lucky, and I’ve got a great team of people around me; I’ve got my best friend Slash back in my life; and I’m happier than ever.

"It’s like I’m seeing things for the first time. To have survived everything I went through — a stroke, the band — and get a second chance at life, it’s crazy. And I’m so grateful I did those two shows. As much as I despised rehab and the whole AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) crap, it works!"

"I just wanted to give myself a chance to get better than I was yesterday. That first few weeks were the toughest, because once the drugs wear off, all of the emotions come out. The hardest part to get through was that first month."

Full story at The Daily Times

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One thought on “AA Works for Steven Adler

  1. Thanks for posting this.

    One thing that jumps out at me when I read about celebs (presumably financially comfortable, and many independently wealthy) getting sober by whatever means, it really speaks loudly to me that the drug a booze thing isnt any better out there. In fact, it dispells the myth that the rock star life with all the drugs, booze, and partying you want is really a journey to an empty end.

    How many of them piss it all away and end up miserable, broke, disabled, washed-out, or dead? Jim Morrison being an example. Many others I am sure we can conjure up.

    I heard a fascinating interview the other day on KHLT Internet Recovery Radio http://www.sponsortosponsor.com with Christopher Kennedy Lawford. Son of actor Peter Lawford and Patricia Lawford (sister of JFK).

    Chris Lawford is in recovery. I am not breaking anonymity here as he is very public about it. So is actor Alec Baldwin, Anthony Hopkins and numerous others. Now arguably, these guys would have enough wealth and fame to write their own ticket and do whatever they wanted. But they chose recovery and sobriety instead.

    In addition, it is not my place to say what methods of recovery each othe above celebs have taken but by their lingo, I can guess.

    Again this speaks to me that those of us who follow a particular method of recovery are working with something pretty far reaching and powerful. These guys could afford anything, but it seems they choose our way. Simple and time-tested.

    Glad to see another success story with Adler.




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