Alcohol-related brain damage

Brain damage Alcohol-related brain damage warning

International experts are warning that one in five New Zealanders faces alcohol-related brain damage from our heavy drinking culture.

It is estimated 800,000 New Zealanders binge drink regularly placing them at high risk of alcohol related brain damage.

Chief executive of Australian based organisation, Alcohol Related Brain Injury Australian Services ( ARBIAS ), Sonia Burton says it is critical that New Zealanders wake up to the issue.

“It’s almost like boxing, you know, it’s like taking a blow to the brain every time you binge drink,” she says.

For young people the statistics are even worse – with 50% of those under 25 binge drinking regularly.

“That’s half your future generation that is placing themselves at risk of alcohol related brain damage,” she says.

“We are growing a real problem for ourselves,” she says.

Full story at New Zealand TV

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5 thoughts on “Alcohol-related brain damage

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  4. There are many studies linking alcohol to brain damage:
    A recent study determined that a significant amount of brain damage occurs within two days of heavy drinking, and the damage increased with each day of use.
    The UK Stroke Association found that binge drinkers (six drinks or more in close succession) had their chances of suffering a stroke doubled. This potential isn’t limited to a certain age group and the risks apply to both men and women. With long term damage ranging from lack of motor control to complete loss of speech or movement, this risk makes a hangover look like a minor inconvenience.


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