11 Ways to Detect and Solve Internet Addiction

typing on keyboard uid 1177655 People in recovery are always in danger of switching addictions from alcohol, drugs, gambling or codependency. This article may help if one follows the tips before a real addiction develops.

I’m not a psychiatrist: if you fear your problem is so serious you need professional help, go out and see one.

I’m going to write this article for those who might have trouble leaving the computer behind when the back of your eyes are telling you it’s definitely bedtime, but your spouse hasn’t packed up and left yet as a result of it – not quite a full-blown addiction, just on your way there.

Detecting the Problem

The problem with many addictions is that it can be hard to tell when a hobby has become more than just that, and taken a hold on you. It can also be hard to be honest with yourself when facing a list of symptoms, so make the extra effort now – we’re going to go through a few.

  1. You spend more time with the computer than with people.
  2. You can’t abide by your own boundaries.
  3. Lying to others about your computer usage.
  4. Feeling unable to live without the computer/internet.
  5. Misguided spending on your computer.

Solving the Problem

Solving the problem on your own, or with the support of your family, requires that you’re doing so before it gets out of hand and to the point where you need to pay excessive prices for therapy. If you’re unsure, trying to solve it on your own and seeing how far you get is a great test – if you can’t manage it, go get help.

These tips should get you well on your way to a more balanced life.

Full story and explanation of the tips at; 11 Ways to Detect and Solve Internet Addiction

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