Alcohol and pregnancy

Man s hand on pregnant woman s stomach uid 1180693 Alcohol and pregnancy; New draft alcohol guidelines for Australia state that, for pregnant women and women planning pregnancy,

‘no drinking is the safest option’.

One of the best known adverse effects of alcohol exposure on the fetus is the fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS).

Others include

  • alcohol-related birth defects,
  • alcohol-related brain development disorders and
  • increased risks of miscarriage,
  • stillbirth,
  • intrauterine growth restriction,
  • preterm birth and
  • low birthweight.

Over half of Australian women consume alcohol during pregnancy. Obstetricians have a pivotal role in advising women of the effects of alcohol on the fetus and reducing fetal exposure.

Volume 48 Issue 3 Page 236-239, June 2008, Elizabeth J. ELLIOTT, Carol BOWER (2008) Alcohol and pregnancy: The pivotal role of the obstetrician
The Australian and New Zealand Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology 48 (3) , 236–239.

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