New Policy for Youth Alcohol in UK

Union Jack British flag Young people and alcohol – a new approach launched in British Government action plan

A comprehensive plan to stop young people drinking in public; help them make the right decisions about alcohol; and provide clear information to parents and young people about the risks of early drinking was announced today by the UK Government’s Youth Alcohol Action Plan.

The Action Plan sets out what the Government will do to address drinking by young people in three main arenas:

Police and Courts

  • Working with police and the courts to stop it, making it clear that unsupervised drinking by young people under-18 in public places is unacceptable;


  • Recognising that drinking by young people in the home is clearly the responsibility of parents and families, but providing clearer health information for parents and young people about how consumption of alcohol can affect children and young people. The Action Plan announces that the Chief Medical Officer, Sir Liam Donaldson will produce clear guidelines for families;

Alcohol Industry

  • Working with the alcohol industry to continue the good progress made to reduce the sale of alcohol to under-18’s but also in marketing and promoting alcohol in a more responsible way.

While the proportion of young people who drink regularly has fallen, the consumption of alcohol by those who do drink has risen sharply. And the ways in which young people are drinking have changed. The Youth Alcohol Action Plan promises a powerful package of action to tackle this.

Full story at Young people and alcohol

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