Where do Kids Get Pills

Red and white pills in packaging Teens & Prescription Drugs

Rx Danger Zones: The Search Starts at Home

Where are teens getting prescription drugs? Teens say they are readily available — in their own homes, from friends or relatives, and online pharmacies. Check these hotspots in your own home and neighborhood, and learn how to safeguard your prescriptions — and your teen.

This is an excellent interactive website that explores all the places that may have pills or prescription medications. Some I would never have thought about to check.

Some of the locations are;

  • Bathroom
  • Parents’ Bedroom
  • Teen’s Bedroom
  • Living Room
  • Kitchen
  • Garage
  • With Friends
  • Grandparents’ House
  • School
  • Store / shop / drug store / chemist

Full story at Prescription Danger Zones

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