Sexual Assault Awareness Month

domestic violence I forget sometimes how lucky I am.

How lucky I am to have been able to come into my sexuality the way I have, without abuse, without religious fervor, without judgment. But as I am having that thought, as I am writing it down, I feel sick to my stomach. Why should I feel “lucky” to be in a situation that all women (all people) should be in? Well, because I am. That’s the ugly truth about it. And too many women are not so lucky.

April is Sexual Assault Awareness month and among all of the ribbons for all of the many other worthy causes, it can be easy to let yet another one slip by. But this is not just another one. It’s a huge one. It encompasses so many different crimes and it gives voice to something that too many people have been shamed into keeping silent about. Of course, not everyone is being so silent these days.

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