Boiling Point – Anger

Businessman yelling at briefcase in field uid 1172105 Anger is unhealthy – as if you didn’t know

A Boiling Point report says chronic and intense anger has been linked with heart disease, cancer, stroke, colds and flu as well as depression, self-harm and substance misuse.

Higher levels of anger are related to lower levels of social support and higher stress levels. Anger is more likely to have a negative effect on relationships than any other emotion.

Problem anger goes largely untackled unless someone commits an aggressive criminal act, when a court may refer them to anger management training. The charity says we are intervening too late and could save many lives from being damaged if we tackled it earlier.

Check out your boiling point at; Your Boiling Point

Also available is a booklet on cooling down anger

‘Cool down: Anger and how to deal with it’

This booklet outlines how anger works and explains the benefits of keeping your anger level under control or expressing it in a constructive way. It also describes some of the tactics you can use to manage your anger more effectively and minimise the personal costs of times when anger gets the better of you.

Cost Free to download or you can order hard copies pf the booklet at Mental Health of the UK.

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