One in ten Finnish Women is Heavy User of Alcohol

women drinking The use of alcohol has been increasing steadily in all age-groups among Finnish women. Approximately one in ten women can be reckoned among the large-scale consumers or “heavy users” who take at least 16 drinks a week.

Typically, women try to conceal their drinking problem longer than do their male counterparts, as alcoholism is still seen as more shameful in women than in men.

Mothers also fear losing their children if their alcohol-related problems are revealed. In fact many women with alcohol use disorders seek treatment only when they are facing the risk of losing custody of their children.

The cold fact is that women cannot tolerate alcohol as well as men. They get drunk faster, become addicted to alcohol more quickly, and develop alcohol-related diseases quicker than men do.

Moreover, even a small amount of alcohol can harm a developing foetus.

Full story at One in ten Finnish women is heavy user of alcohol

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