A Sick Cycle of Dependency

Being dependent on others almost comes natural when we are in a state of confusion.

We seek others opinions, beliefs, and advice. What others say, if we place them in a position of authority, becomes “The Word.”

Unfortunately, the advice and opinion of the other person, is really a form of “approval” that we seek. The “approval” we seek is not healthy for the relationship. It forms a relationship of “one up and one down” (someone higher or a “step above” us).

Doing Too Much To Cover Up Our Needs

Unfortunately, no one can really give you advice as a prescription to your situation. Because no one really knows you, and knows ALL your history, and you ENTIRE situation. But because of alcoholism or in fact, anything that may be creating a huge amount of anxiety, can place us in a state of confusion.

Full story at Al-anon Diary

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