Al-Anon is Changing the Way People View Alcoholics

Baccus lady Families unite in support, as the battle against alcoholism goes on.

MUMBAI, India: Fear gripped Meena Sawant, 47, and her two children every night, as her drunken husband came home. The dreaded sound of the doorbell at 9.30pm signaled the beginning of a nightmare.

Sawant and her two children counted down the seconds, knowing that at any minute one of them would be thrashed for the most frivolous of reasons. “Our emotions and happiness were at the mercy of alcohol,” she said.

Sawant bears testimony to the findings that one alcoholic is enough to bring grief to at least another 20 people.

Sawant eventually won her 17-year battle with an alcoholic husband, by accepting that her husband was a ‘helpless patient’ rather than a bad person.

She joined the self-help organisation Al-Anon seven years ago and it helped her change her attitude towards her husband. Al-Anon is a worldwide organisation that offers mutual support to families who have suffered for someone else’s drinking problem.

There are about 33 such Al-Anon family groups in Mumbai, comprising an average of 13 members each.

Full story at Daily News & Analysis, Mumbai, India

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One thought on “Al-Anon is Changing the Way People View Alcoholics

  1. AA (or NA or CA) is where Drunks and Crackheads go to get clean, Alanon is where you should go if you are a Drunk/Crackhead who wants to complain about their Drunk/Crackhead significant others. Too many people screw up AA (NA, CA) complaining about significant others who should be got rid off? It drives me up the wall to listen to a codependant complain about the behavior of someone they have no business being with. So, some people have issues from both programs, and need to go to both.


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