Take the Anger Test


People in recovery from alcoholism, addiction, gambling and codependency often need to deal with their own anger and others anger. This site may help.

Are you as cool as a cucumber or do you erupt like a volcano? How do you react when something gets your goat?

Take the UK Mental Health Foundation’s quiz and compare your anger temperature with the national average and find out which regions in the UK are the angriest!

The quiz can be found at Your Boiling Point – a specific website created by the Mental Health Foundation as part of a year long campaign to raise awareness about anger that kicks off during Mental Health Action Week (23rd – 29th March).

The website also enables visitors to HAVE A RANT! If you’re feeling close to boiling point and need to let off steam, why not get whatever is bothering you off your chest without scaring your friends witless. If your rant is funny enough it might join the Top 5!

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