Religious Recovery Fellowship Links

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12-step fellowship of Catholic alcoholics maintaining their sobriety through Alcoholics Anonymous. Concerned with total abstinence, spiritual development and sanctification of the whole personality of each member.

Christ-centered 12-step support group for persons with any compulsive behaviors, as well as their families and friends. Uses the 12-steps of A.A. and applies them to the Scriptures. Uses Jesus Christ as “higher power.” Supplements involvement in other 12-step groups.

Network of recovering alcoholic women in religious orders. Helps Roman Catholic women who are, or have been, members of religious orders and are alcoholic, or chemically dependent, compulsive eaters, compulsive gamblers, etc.

For alcoholic and chemically dependent Jews, families, friends, associates, and the community. Networking, community outreach, retreats, newsletter, literature, spiritual events, and speakers bureau.

Christian-oriented 12-step support group for those recovering from alcohol or chemical dependency. Information and referrals, literature, phone support, conferences, support group meetings, newsletter.

Mutual support network for pastors and ministers who are recovering from addictions and actively participating in a 12-step recovery program. Provides phone network, information and referrals, and meets within other international 12-step conference.


3 thoughts on “Religious Recovery Fellowship Links

  1. Sorry, I was wrong. “International Ministers and Pastors in Recovery” is still active and in operation! The info listed above is still correct. – Ed

  2. Regretfully, the International Ministers and Pastors in Recovery groups (listed above) appear to no longer be operating after 20 years.

    I’m not sure if it would be helpful (any feedback appreciated), but here is a so-called “Clergy Recovery Network” which doesn’t have fellowship groups, but indicates at the top of their website that a “Mentoring ministry professionals through personal crisis and early recovery” is provided for any help needed:

    Take care and hope, – Ed


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