Drunkorexia = Anorexia + Alcohol Abuse


Anorexia Starving Themselves, Cocktail in Hand

MANOREXIA. Orthorexia. Diabulimia. Binge Eating Disorder.

All are dangerous variations on the eating disorders anorexia and bulimia, and have become buzzwords that are popping up on Web sites and blogs, on television and in newspaper articles. As celebrity magazines chronicle the glamorous and the suffering, therapists and a growing number of researchers are trying to treat and understand the conditions.

The latest entry in the lexicon of food-related ills is drunkorexia, shorthand for a disturbing blend of behaviors: self-imposed starvation or bingeing and purging, combined with alcohol abuse.

Full story at the New York Times

5 thoughts on “Drunkorexia = Anorexia + Alcohol Abuse

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  4. I am a psychiatrist and have seen patients with eating disorders combined with substance dependency/abuse many times, but still learned a lot from this post and the NYTimes article. Thanks for the info.


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