Recovering Addicts Add Value to Workplace


Mark Elliot Recovering Addicts Often a Workplace Plus and Add Value to Business.

Treatment helps employees come back stronger, insiders say

Employees on the road to recovery deserve a second chance.

That’s the mantra of Mark Elliot (pictured), a Toronto radio talk show host who is also a recovering addict.

Elliot is open about his past addictions and his downfall in the radio realm, but his recovery story shows he has also climbed back up the ladder and now dedicates his time to helping others who have taken the wrong detour.

He will be the first to admit that drugs, alcohol and the workplace don’t mix. But he’s also a staunch defender of recovering addicts who want to return to the workforce.

“I think most employers seem to get it today, they seem to understand that employees who go into treatment come back as better employees for the most part,” says Elliot. “Employers like it because they get back an employee they don’t have to retrain. They (recovering addicts) don’t take as many sick days. They are dependable, reliable and sober.”

Full story at; Business Edge


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