International Women’s Day Australia March 8th


International Women’s Day ( is being held on Saturday 8 March 2008.

nicole_kidman_and_noeleen_heyzer This post provide links to some of the many women’s health and information organisations and services across Australia.

Award-winning screen actress Nicole Kidman a Goodwill Ambassador to for the United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM),


  • Australian Government Office for Women ( is a policy advisory unit and a division of the Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs in Australia.
  • Australian Women’s Health Network ( provides a national voice on women’s health issues.
  • Hobart Women’s Health Centre ( provides a range of health services for women.
  • Multicultural Centre for Women’s Health ( is committed to improving the health and wellbeing of immigrant women working in paid and unpaid employment across Australia.
  • Queen Victoria Women’s Centre ( provides information, support and resources for Victorian women and women’s organisations.
  • Queensland Women’s Health Network ( aims to strengthen links between women, women’s services, the health sector and key decision makers by assisting with information, support and advocacy.
  • Royal Women’s Hospital ( is Australia’s largest specialist hospital dedicated to improving the health of women and newborn babies.
  • WIRE: Women’s Information ( provides free information, support and referrals to women across Victoria.
  • Women’s Centre for Health Matters ( is a community information and resource centre which provides information, referral and support to women in the Australian Capital Territory on their health and wellbeing.
  • Women’s Health Australia ( is a longitudinal study that has been examining the health and wellbeing of Australian women since 1996.
  • Women’s Health New South Wales ( is an association of statewide women’s health centres and specialist women’s centres.
  • Women’s Health Queensland Wide ( is a health promotion, information and education service.
  • Women’s Health Statewide ( is a South Australian women’s health service.
  • Women’s Health Victoria ( is a Victorian women’s health promotion, information and advocacy service.
  • Women’s Information & Referral Centre ( provides a free, confidential, relevant and accurate information and referral service for women and their families in the Australian Capital Territory.

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