Brainy Kids May Become Alcoholics



A British study has found that higher childhood mental ability is associated with greater drinking problems.

Children born in 1970 who were tested for mental ability at age 10 later reported at age 30 that they drank significantly more and had developed more trouble with alcohol.

More women showed problems than men and drank more alcohol than the men in the group.

Childhood mental ability was also related to drinking more frequently.

This unexpected result in this large group of over 8,000 people, higher childhood mental ability was related to alcohol problems and higher alcohol intake in adult life.

Blogger’s notes; I have heard many times that recovering alcoholics in Alcoholics Anonymous thought they had an overall higher IQ than average.

This has often been dismissed as ego promotion among a group of low self-esteem people. Some studies have attempted to dismiss the higher IQ idea – with no success.

Research report; G. David Batty, Ian J. Deary, Ingrid Schoon, Carol Emslie, Kate Hunt, Catharine R. Gale. Childhood Mental Ability and Adult Alcohol Intake and Alcohol Problems: The 1970 British Cohort Study. American Journal of Public Health, 2008.

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