Is Your Doctor Sober?



Bill: When I went through rehab — a process which I have no doubt saved my life — one of my fellow patients was an M.D. One day I asked Jack what he thought triggered his drinking. He said the responsibility of being a doctor frightened him: “a father, mother or a child’s life is in your hands.”

“I used to think a pill or a drink would take the edge off,” he said. “By the time I checked in here, that had become two pills and a pint every morning before I saw my first patient at 8 a.m.”

Dr. Dave: Like a large family in denial, the medical profession’s view of addiction is often distorted by the addicts in their midst — but at Scripps McDonald Center, Atlanta’s Talbot Center and other treatment facilities for impaired physicians, we realized there had to be a community answer to the question: “Who will care for the caretakers?”

Full story at NY Daily News


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