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5 New Year’s Resolutions You Owe Yourself

This is a bit late for New Year but this articles recommendations are timeless.

SanJuanTrailX We questioned health professionals and plumbed the scientific literature in a quest for the most life-enhancing New Year’s resolutions possible

On New Year’s Day more than a few of us annually resolve to change our lives—or at least our more self-indulgent habits. On the hunch that all good things flow from physical and mental well-being, Scientific American Body offers this list of recommended resolutions based on the advice of health professionals and the scientific literature. Whatever your goals, it will help you understand why hardly anything you could choose to do would have a bigger impact on your quality of life.

Perhaps the best New Year’s resolution is coming up with a strategy to sensibly tackle each of the five listed below. “New Year’s resolutions are notoriously unsuccessful because people have a superficial commitment to them,” notes health psychologist Frederick Gibbons of Iowa State University. “Whatever behavior you want to change requires a specific plan for going about it.”

  • Stay Active
  • Eat Healthy
  • Quit Smoking
  • Drink Appropriately
  • Relieve Stress

“People need to focus on things that are within their control. It’s wasted energy to stress about what’s outside your control,” Franke says. “Try to downshift and go with the flow, and if there are situations you can’t downshift with, then avoid them if possible.”

Full story at; Scientific American

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