Drugs and Addiction Information for Parents and Teachers


You can also read Dr. NIDA’s answers to the most frequently asked questions about drugs and drug abuse here:

Anabolic Steroids—Hand out this “damage diagram” activity and help kids understand the big picture about steroids’ side effects.

Brain & Addiction—Try this activity to get the brain going and the discussion flowing.

Ecstasy—Find out how much your students know or don’t know about ecstasy. Have them try this quiz.

HIV, AIDS, and Drug Abuse—Teach your children/students the connection between drugs and HIV infection.

Marijuana—A friend on “weed” is a friend in need-of your kids’ knowledge. Download and discuss this letter-writing activity.

Nicotine—Try this matching activity in class to help kids understand nicotine’s causes and effects.

Mind Over Matter—This series is designed to encourage young people in grades five through nine to learn about the effects of drug abuse on the body and the brain.

Mind Over Matter Teacher’s Guide—Use this Teacher’s Guide in conjunction with the Mind Over Matter magazine series to promote an understanding of the physical reality of drug use, as well as curiosity about neuroscience.

Full list of resources at; NIDA Drug Abuse and Addiction for Parents and Teachers

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