Cannabis supply and young people


This report provides a snapshot of how young people in a large city and rural villages obtain cannabis.

The study interviewed 182 young people aged 11–19, all of whom had used cannabis and/or been involved in cannabis transactions in recent months.

While this study was conducted in England there are many similarities across all developed countries.

It will be helpful for parents, families, healthcare workers, policy makers and teachers to help identify ways and means that cannabis use can be identified.

Some key points;

  • Nearly all the young people reported cannabis to be ‘very easy’ or ‘fairly easy’ to get; 79 per cent stated that they could obtain it in under an hour.
  • On average, the young people interviewed for this study first tried cannabis at the age of 13.
  • Four-fifths stated that they were introduced to cannabis by friends.
  • The remainder had been introduced to the drug by siblings, other family members, acquaintances or a partner.
  • Only two of the young people said that they had been introduced to cannabis by someone who sold drugs.

Cannabis supply and young people



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