Call for alcoholic drinks to have warning labels


The Alcohol and Other Drugs Council (ADCA) says Australian authorities should consider as a policy labelling alcoholic drinks with warnings about the dangers of excessive drinking.

The AODC says it is encouraged by new research suggesting the public would like alcohol to be labelled with more detailed information about its ingredients.

A survey of more than 7,000 people, published in the Medical Journal of Australia, shows three-quarters would like to know more about what is in alcoholic drinks, such as the amount of sugar and preservatives.

The researchers concluded it was difficult to understand why alcoholic beverages are not subject to the same labelling requirements as non-alcoholic drinks.

ADCA chief executive officer David Templeman says warning labels on drinks would also help consumers.

“A general warning particularly in relation to the impact of alcohol which could affect pregnancy in relation to women,” he said.

“It certainly discusses in some areas the possibility of brain impairment and those sort of issues.

“That’s the sort of gentle warning that people need to be brought attention of.”

Mr Templeman says some consumers might drink less if they knew more about what was in their drinks.

“If we are going to be dealing with labelling and warnings and other things like this that could be very positive from the point of view of at least giving people authority and good information about the risks and the harm from alcohol,” he said.


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