Alcohol is a drug – TOO!

Be responsible this Festive Season – Alcohol is a drug – TOO!

Christmas and New Year can sometimes be the most dangerous time of the year, especially when combined with alcohol – that’s why the Alcohol and other Drugs Council of Australia (ADCA) is urging all Australians to think carefully before they drink this festive season.

“While Christmas and New Year are times when many people enjoy a drink with friends, the celebrations can sometimes result in unfortunate situations for those who drink excessively or become the victim of a drink spiking incident,” ADCA’s Chief Executive Officer, David Templeman, said.

“Binge drinking is an all too frequent occurrence in Australia, often occurring during our holiday periods.

“Alcohol is responsible for the deaths of more young people under 35 than any other drug, and ADCA strongly recommends that people participating in end-of-year celebrations keep a watchful eye on their own drinks and alcohol consumption.”

Added to the issue is the aggressive promotion of sweetened, spirits-based Ready-to-Drinks (RTDs) which have now become a very substantial part of the under-age drinking market.

“Another concern that often occurs during the Christmas and New Year celebrations is drink spiking,” Mr Templeman said. “Drink spiking incidents do happen, particularly at this time of the year, and I would encourage everybody to be careful when it comes to accepting drinks from strangers or leaving their drink unattended.

“One of ADCA’s priority Christmas and New Year’s resolutions is to focus on alcohol issues to make Australians aware that Alcohol is a drug – TOO! We ask that everyone commits themselves to reducing the harm alcohol causes and the burgeoning cost to our community.”

Mr Templeman said ADCA encouraged event organizers and managers of large entertainment venues to ensure that appropriate measures were in place to better inform people about excessive alcohol consumption during major outdoor parties and events.

“There needs to be a general understanding that the ready availability and accessibility of alcohol to celebrate major events over Christmas and New Year sends the wrong message to the general community, particularly the younger generation, that you need alcohol to have a good time.”


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