How to Recognize Alcoholism


Some 5 million Koreans between the age 18 to 65 were alcoholics according to 2001 figures by the Ministry of Health and Welfare.

That was a massive 15.9 percent of the entire population, or 25.2 percent of men and 6.3 percent of women.

Heavy drinkers who depend upon alcohol to the extent of losing their job or suffer alcohol-driven ailments account 2.5 percent.

Experts estimate that the number of patients is likely to be nearer 30 percent of men if those who are in denial are included.

So if you have a terrible urge to drink after just a day of staying sober and habitually go for a second round, it is safe to assume that you are one step closer to becoming an alcoholic.

And those who feel that they can manage more than a couple of glasses of hard liquor are most likely fall under the medical criterion of alcohol addiction.

Is Korean society too lenient on alcohol?

Other subjects in the article are;

  • Criteria for alcohol abuse and alcoholism
  • Stages of addiction
  • Symptoms of alcoholism

Full story in various languages at; English, Korean, Japanese and Chinese.


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