Abstinence Can Work Wonders


I am a recovering addict. I, along with many, many others who have at one time been through the ‘harm reduction’ method, found that it only brought us right back to our ‘drug of choice’. The only way for millions of addicts/alcoholics around the world to begin to cope with underlying issues in their lives has been to abstain altogether.

There are many of us that abstain, take anti-depressants or other psychotropic medications. However, these, along with therapy, counselling, 12-step programs and utilising the work it takes to realise we either change everything or die, have been able to remain drug/alcohol free, live very peaceful lives and regained our places in society.

We are moving forward regardless of our ages, criminal backgrounds, etc.

We have become productive members of society who live our lives to the fullest.

As a recovering addict, I have tried the ‘harm reduction’ method and I found out that because I am an addict, I will be addicted to anything which makes me feel good, no matter what the physical harm may be to myself or others.

Thank you for allowing me to share what America, Australia and other countries have tried and ultimately failed with.

Now we use abstinence in our treatment facilities and we go on to treat other disorders as they seem to show themselves, after the addict/alcoholic gets clean and sober.

This seems to be the only method that has worked for us, and I suppose that an addict/alcoholic have the same general characteristics all over the world.

This is only what this country has learned in all of its experimenting ways in making the addict/alcoholic a stable person in society.

Acupuncture has even been used to help those of us who have the more outstanding cravings and it has seemed to work for hundreds of thousands of addicts in this country to remove that awful obsession and craving which keeps us from actually experiencing true freedom from the bondage of the drugs/alcohol.

This is meant to let others know that abstinence has been proven to work wonders when everything else has so far failed.

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“It’s amazing that persons dependent on drugs seek and continue to accept help of any kind; it’s a reflection of truly extraordinary motivation. But who could possibly be surprised that, when asked, they express a preference for achieving and maintaining abstinence?”

Brief-TSF can assist patients cease alcohol consumption.

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