Abstinence from Alcohol is Best Choice for Alcoholics.


New research proves that abstinence from alcohol is the best choice for alcoholics.

The researchers interviewed 1,700 alcohol abusers after 3 years of initial contact and found that;

  • 51% of heavy drinkers who were experiencing alcohol related problems continued to have problems after the 3 years,
  • 27% of those who had moderated their drinking habits still had problems, and
  • 7.3% of those who were abstaining from alcohol at their first interview had developed problems caused by drinking alcohol after 3 years.

They reported that the risk of developing alcohol related problems when compared to abstainers were;

  • 14.6 times for alcohol abusers, and
  • 6.0 times for low volume drinkers

The proportion of these 1,700 people who developed alcohol dependence / alcoholism was;

  • 10.2%, for heavy drinkers
  • 4.0%, for low-risk drinkers and
  • 2.9%, for abstainers

The researchers conclusions: Abstinence represents the most stable form of resolution for most recovering alcoholics.

More at; Rates and Correlates of Relapse Among Individuals in Remission From DSM-IV Alcohol Dependence: A 3-Year Follow-Up.

Brief-TSF can assist patients cease alcohol consumption.



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