Best Practice Helping Plan


Over the past 65 years healthcare workers have been trying out many types of counseling and helping plans for alcohol abuse. One action program has stood out as being consistently successful in getting alcoholics into recovery.

This program has now been refined so that anyone can help. This plan, called Brief-TSF, can be learnt and optimized by anyone in a few hours. You quickly become a sophisticated helper.

Disturb Denial

The training leads you through the processes of helping the alcoholic identify alcohol related problems for themselves. This process disturbs alcoholic denial and motivates the person to want to take action.

Motivation and Action Plan

But, more than motivation is needed. The alcoholic needs to know what to do and also support to carry out an action plan. Brief-TSF includes sections on all of these.

The action plan includes putting the alcoholic in touch with other recovering people immediately they make a decision that they have a real problem.

Family and Friends of Alcoholics

The Brief-TSF interview may also be applied to family and friends who may be suffering from the effects of a loved ones drinking. They too need a workable action plan. The Brief-TSF interview training includes section about loved ones, children and friends of alcoholics.

Compassion and Empathy

You can help when the alcoholic is hurting! You already suspect the person has a drinking problem. Brief-TSF will help you decide. Training before the next window of opportunity occurs is essential.


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