Dark Chocolate OK by Doctors

Surprising health benefits of dark chocolate promoted to healthcare professionals – alternate to antioxidants in alcohol.

Sydney, Australia – 30 August 2007- Doctors, dietitians and nutritionists are being promoted the health benefits of dark chocolate in the new Switch to Dark campaign.

A Switch To Dark campaign highlighting the health benefits of consuming small portions of dark chocolate has been launched in leading healthcare publications, which include the Australian Doctor and Medical Observer; the Dietitians Association of Australia as well as the "prescriber’s bible", MIMS.

Chocolate Couple

Emerging evidence suggests that dark chocolate is a surprisingly rich source of antioxidants which may contribute to some health benefits.

"The evidence is there, that dark chocolate is a good alternative to milk chocolate and is a source of some key antioxidants." said Professor Sandra Capra from the University of Newcastle "Anyone already on a healthy and balanced diet, should be able to indulge occasionally in one or two squares of dark chocolate and benefit from a few health benefits as well."

Reputable journals such as JAMA, BMJ and The Lancet have all published studies on the health benefits of dark chocolate. Cocoa is a rich source of antioxidant flavonoids, and studies have shown that dark chocolate contains a higher level of antioxidants than common foods such as red wine and tea (Ding et al., 2006).

"The Switch to Dark campaign is a breath of fresh air, showing us that we can all indulge a little in a food we love and still lead a healthy lifestyle," commented dietitian, Dr Joanna McMillan Price. "Chocolate should always be eaten in moderation but when the urge to indulge hits, dark chocolate is an excellent alternative to eating milk chocolate."

"At the heart of the Switch to Dark campaign, the message is that if we choose to indulge occasionally in chocolate, a small amount of dark chocolate is by far the wiser choice." says Penny Small, Nestle’s Corporate Nutritionist.

Nestle is a proud supporter of the Switch To Dark campaign. More information is available under the Switch to Dark website at www.switchtodark.com.au

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