12-Step Radio

Online 12-Step Radio

Since its launch on April 17, 2004, 12-StepRadio.com has been playing "recovery music" 24/7.

The Internet station’s mission is to carry the twelve step message with music to people in all types of recovery.

The music played on 12StepRadio.com is a diverse cross-section of highly talented, independent artists with some songs from major-label CDs being played as well.

Beginning with a play list of less than 50 songs, the station now has 200 songs in rotation.



2 thoughts on “12-Step Radio

  1. Thanks John,
    Yes, information is important in a self-help paradigm.
    I found that once I was aware of my malady I could do something about it.
    All I hope to do is ‘carry the message’.

  2. Thanks, Fred. I continue to read each post, though I seldom comment. I appreciate the information you share here.


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