There has been an overwhelming response to the strategy to reduce anti-social behaviour in public housing in Alice Springs, Australia, with 29 public tenancy households applying to become ‘dry’.

Minister for Housing, Elliot McAdam, said this brings the total number of ‘dry’ public tenancies in Alice Springs to 33, with four already approved by the Liquor Commission and the remaining 29 at application stage.

“Anti-social behaviour is unacceptable in public housing – it is encouraging to see people taking up the opportunity to make their home a dry premise,” said Mr McAdam.

“This is exceptional considering only two weeks ago there were zero ‘dry’ public tenancies in Alice Springs.

“With the recent Federal Government intervention and alcohol bans, we recognise that drinkers might try to move from town camps and remote communities into public housing.

“We are well prepared to halt the impact this might have on the Alice Springs community and have been proactive in our approach to encourage public housing tenants to declare their homes ‘dry’.

“Officers from Territory Housing have been out on the ground for the past fortnight to work with at risk tenants and support them in their application to declare their home as a restricted premise.” said Mr McAdam.

Further to on the ground activities all public tenants in Alice Springs will be provided with information on how they can declare their homes ‘dry’.

The Northern Territory Government is expediting the declaration of common areas at public housing unit and flat complexes as alcohol restricted areas.

The strategy compliments recent efforts of supported and managed accommodation for visitors to Alice Springs. These include: the recent opening of the $2 million Stuart Lodge, which has already accommodated over 600 people; and the $1.3 million allocation to Aboriginal Hostels Limited to construct additional units for managed accommodation at Ayiparinya Hostel.



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