Problems related to alcohol use

Problems related to alcohol use

There are many problems related to excessive drinking including:

Family/relationship problems: Alcohol use may lead to conflict with family or friends. Not recognising that their alcohol use is causing problems, or refusing to admit this can be very frustrating and of concern to family and friends.

Work problems: People may take more sick days than usual or be unable to work properly due to the direct effects of alcohol or from being "hung-over".

Accidents: Alcohol use may affect a person’s ability to respond appropriately to a given situation, their ability to think clearly, their ability to maintain attention, and may cause physical symptoms such as blurred vision, drowsiness and nausea. Such effects can increase the risk of car accidents, drownings, and increase the chance of having an accident at work.

Legal problems: Drink driving may lead to fines, loss of licence and even imprisonment. A person can also be charged for being drunk and disorderly. Other crimes are commonly alcohol-related. Alcohol is involved in three out of four violent assaults, and about half of all serious crimes.
For legal advice relating to someone’s alcohol use, contact a legal service in your state/territory.

Financial problems: The cost of excessive alcohol use may mean that there is not enough money left to pay for a range of goods and services. This may include regular bills, food and clothing, and other purchases that may increase a person’s quality of life such as entertainment and leisure.

Health problems: Regularly drinking large amounts of alcohol can cause many health problems including brain injury, liver cirrhosis or cancer, heart problems, high blood pressure, inflamed pancreas and stomach ulcers. Women who drink heavily over a period of time risk gynaecological problems, menstrual problems and breast cancer. Men who drink heavily risk impotence and shrinking of the testicles. According to the National Health and Medical Research Council more than four standard drinks a day for men and more than two standard drinks a day for women, may lead to health problems.

Sexual problems: Heavy drinking may reduce people’s ability to perform sexually.

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