What symptoms of alcoholism does BriefTSF address?

Many signs and symptoms of alcohol abuse may not be apparent even to a close relative or friend.

However, some can be easily seen and some may be hidden by other symptoms; or denied by the drinker.

The BriefTSF course describes the signs and symptoms of alcohol abuse and alcoholism and provides ways of uncovering them.

Medical symptoms of alcoholism.

The medical symptoms of alcoholism are; Hangovers, blackouts, injuries, lethargy, weight gain or loss, poor coordination, high blood pressure, impotence, vomiting, nausea, cirrhosis of the liver, pancreas disease, brain damage, and tolerance to alcohol.

Psychological signs of alcohol dependence.

The psychological symptoms of alcohol dependence are; Poor concentration, sleep problems, cloudy thinking, depression, anxiety/stress, aggression, loss of control of drinking and denial of the effects of alcohol.

Social aspects of alcohol abuse

The social aspects of alcohol abuse are; Difficulties and arguments with family or friends, difficulties performing at work or home, unemployment, withdrawal from friends and social activities, legal problems and financial insecurity.

Spiritual affects of alcohol addiction.

The spiritual affect of alcohol addiction are; Dysthymia or mild chronic depression, restlessness, irritability, discontentment, self-centeredness, insecurity, self-pitying, resentful, fearful and feeling useless.

Partner BriefTSF

BriefTSF includes intervention with significant others in an alcohol dependents life. Significant others may be partners of alcoholics, children of alcoholics, adult children of alcoholics, parents of alcoholics, grand parents of alcoholics and work colleagues.

Partner BriefTSF has similar goals and methods to BriefTSF. The overall goal is referral of the significant other to Al-anon or Alateen. This is achieved by disturbing the denial of enabling behaviors, promotion of selfhood and making contact with an Al-anon peer sponsor.


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