How do alcoholics get to AA?

How do alcoholics get to AA?

AA has grown to over 100,000 groups world wide with more than two million members mainly on word-of-mouth recommendation.

Often the recommendation has come from friends, family, employers, healthcare workers or law courts.

People progress through stages of affiliation with others and with Alcoholics Anonymous in search of solutions to their problems. Two paths are identified; Direct Affiliation and Assisted Affiliation

The stages are not necessarily distinct where a person moves clearly from one stage to the next. A person is more likely to move up and down, sometimes jumping a stage in regression or progression.

Professional, colleague and family assistance plays a major part in the process of AA affiliation as approximately 60% of AA members seek help prior to attending AA.

These stages of affiliation generally follow Prochaska and DiClemente Stages of Change model.

See Stages of Affiliation with Alcoholics Anonymous.


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