Police Start Addiction Support Group

Police Start Addiction Support Group

The Seabrook Police Department in New Hampshire has launched the "Seabrook Drug Coalition of the Willing," a support group aimed at helping residents addicted to alcohol and other drugs, the Hampton Union reported June 22.

"How I envision it, we’re looking for resources, those who have been through Narcotics Anonymous, Alcoholics Anonymous, the people who’ve lived in Seabrook and dealt with addiction. I’m not looking for experts. I’m looking for people who have compassion, looking to create a safety net," said Sgt. Michael Frost, who is coordinating the program.

Frost said the specifics of the program and how volunteers will be involved would depend on how much commitment the residents make to the group. He said the main objective of the coalition is to support law enforcement and getting help to those who need it.

"This is not just kicking down doors and making arrests," Frost said. "It’s about developing a support network."

While no exact figures are available on the number of families in Seabrook who are affected by drugs, Frost said 25 percent of all families nationwide are touched in some way by alcohol or other drug misuse.

The coalition was the idea of former police chief William Baker, who held a heroin forum three months after he became chief and announced plans to form an anti-drug coalition. But he resigned last month, citing a lack of support from the town’s selectmen.

The town has applied to the state for a grant to fund the new task force.

From Join Together Online.

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