High recovery rates for addicts

High recovery rates for addicts off methadone.

In this multi-center, naturalistic study, the effectiveness of naltrexone maintenance combined with the Community Reinforcement Approach (CRA) was investigated in detoxified, opioid-dependent patients (N = 272).

Patients were recruited from methadone maintenance programs.

With intention-to-treat analysis, 10 months of treatment yielded abstinence rates of 28% and 32% at 10 and 16 months after detoxification.

The cumulative abstinence rate at 16 months was 24%.

Quality of life, craving, general psychopathology, use of other psychoactive substances, and addiction severity of the abstinent group significantly improved when compared to the relapsed group.

This abstinence-oriented approach appears to be a feasible goal, and remains an important option next to long-term methadone maintenance in the management of opioid dependence. (Am J Addict 2007;16:124-130)

Cor A.J. De Jong; Hendrik G. Roozen; Leo G.M. van Rossum; Paul F.M. Krabbe; Ad J.F.M. Kerkhof. High Abstinence Rates in Heroin Addicts by a New Comprehensive Treatment Approach, American Journal on Addictions, Volume 16, Issue 2 March 2007 , pages 124 – 130


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